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We will be happy to advise you on the purchase of a new Giben panel sizing system and also offer you the service to do so. Not only in Germany, but all over the world!



Do you need support? If you have any questions about Giben panel sizing systems , please do not hesitate to contact our employees in the office and in the field .


Whether it's support, advice and ordering for new machines, spare parts or support with questions about machine controls or optimization software, we are happy to be there for you!


Just send an email to service @ giben.org, just call us on +49 7485 983 68 55, skype  with us gibenservice or chat with us through WhatsApp: +49 170 8726461.


Our panel saws


Matic SP - entry level cutting lenghts 3300 mm


ICON FAST SP /SPT - cutting lengths 3300-3800-4400 mm


manual loading oder automatic feeding through lift table, vacuum loader or board stock


Prisma 3000 SP /SPT - cutting lengths 3300-3800-4500-5700 mm


manual loading or automatic feeding through lift table, vacuum loader or board stock


The classic for all requirements! NOW AVAILABLE AGAIN!


Sigma 3000/6000


cutting lengths  rip saw: 3300-3800-4500-6000 mm

cutting lengths  cross saw:  1600-2200-2700 mm





The GIBEN era continues


GIBEN, inventor of the horizontal pressure beam saw and world market leader in this field for many years, is experiencing its "come back" on the international market for woodworking machines after insolvency in 2018.




The technology, innovation and know-how of Giben continues under the umbrella of Masterwood S.p.A. supported by KTD.




In addition to the classic SP and SPT models, the moving grippers that can be moved in the X and Y directions are now also available.








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